ID – Name – Relationship

Unfortunately, while the links below are very helpful for me they probably won’t be useful to almost anyone else; they don’t work unless you have an account and are logged in at Family Search.

People will be added to the bottom of the table when I first mention them in a post.

ID Name(s) YOB – YOD Relation to Me
LK1Z-4L2 Carole Virginia Petterson
Carole Virginia Lundquist
1934 – Mother
LK18-3LV 1933 – Uncle (my mother’s brother)
LK1Z-HKR Wallace Enfrid Petterson 1899 – 1975 Grandfather (my mother’s father)
LK1Z-HGR Dagmar Irene Petterson
Impi Dagmar Ryssy
1906 – 1978 Grandmother (my mother’s mother)
LK1Z-CZ9 Lars Magnus Petterson 1857 – 1920 Great-grandfather (my mother’s father’s father)
LK18-Q5J Oscar Gideon Petterson 1890 – 1962 Great uncle (my mother’s father’s brother)
LK18-QVB Bror Elmer Petterson
B. Elmer Petterson
1886 – 1962 Great uncle (my mother’s father’s brother)
LK18-QGQ Harry Eugene Petterson 1888 – 1925 Great uncle (my mother’s father’s brother)

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