Carole Petterson’s 2nd Birthday – 26 August 1936

Carole & Laina
Laina & Carole & Irja
Laina & Barney & Carole & Dagmar

The reason that I know these photographs were taken on my mom’s 2nd birthday is this text was written on the back side of the bottom photo.

? on Barney ja Carole ja Dagmar ja Laina ? August 26, 1936 Carole’s 2 Syntymäpäivä


Not only is August 26, 1936 the date of my mother’s 2nd birthday, the Finnish word for birthday is Syntymäpäivä.  I wasn’t able to figure out what the first word was and have no idea what is written after Laina.

Since this is written in Finnish, I’m pretty sure that my great-grandmother (my mother’s mother’s mother) wrote this information. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the tape off the back of the photo so some of the writing is hidden.

Dagmar is my mother’s mother. Irja isn’t identified but she’s my grandmother’s sister and the photo looks like her.

Since I can’t add Barney and Laina to my official family tree, they are mysteries:

  • Barney could be Dagmar’s ( & Irja’s) cousin whose last name was something like Hekkala and who moved to Minnesota sometime before WW2 and then to California.
  • I have absolutely no idea who Laina was.